Africa Photo Diary Part 2

Victoria Falls:


1. & 2. We stayed at this beautiful colonial hotel built in 1904, it was like stepping back in time.

3. View of the Victoria Falls from the hotel. Those aren’t clouds but the spray from the waterfall! Sometimes it would feel like it’s raining in the hotel but it’s actually spray.

photo 2photo 4

4. & 5. Aerial view of the Victoria Falls. It’s claimed to be the largest sheet of falling water in the world. My photos really don’t do it justice thanks to the crappy weather, but there are some seriously stunning photos of it online.


6. 7. & 8. Cruise down the Zambezi river


9. & 10. This “baby” lion is 12 months old and is part of The Lion Encounter – a conservation program that ethically re-introduces captive bred lion cubs into the wild. They allow people to come and walk with them to help them build their confidence in their natural environment. This also helps fund their program. Worth every penny if you ask me!


11. The Zimbabwean dollar is no longer in use due to hyperinflation (apparently you couldn’t even buy a loaf of bread with this) but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless – I paid 5 bucks for this!

xoxo Jing Leung


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