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A Beautiful Indian Wedding

indian wedding

indian wedding

Indian Wedding


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I’ve been to five weddings all my life and three of the five happen to be Indian, lucky for me, I love Indian weddings, the colour, the costumes, the energy, the love, it’s really beautiful. For those who know me know i’m obsessed with all things Indian and Middle Eastern (i’m aware they are completely different), there’s just something foreign and intriguing about the cultures that lures me, speaking of which, I should really brush up on my arabic, I barely remember the alphabets now, it’s been awhile since college.

This last wedding I attended was the wedding of a close family friend Shane’s wedding to her lucky groom Rahul. Here are some behind the scenes shots I took over the course of the three days in Phuket, Thailand.

This post is dedicated to you Shaney.

With love.

xoxo Mei Mei Song


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I would be a hell of a lot more productive and have smaller eye bags if the hashtag was never invented #justsaying

xx Jing