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A Beautiful Indian Wedding

indian wedding

indian wedding

Indian Wedding


IMG_4113 IMG_4114 IMG_4120 IMG_4145 indian wedding
I’ve been to five weddings all my life and three of the five happen to be Indian, lucky for me, I love Indian weddings, the colour, the costumes, the energy, the love, it’s really beautiful. For those who know me know i’m obsessed with all things Indian and Middle Eastern (i’m aware they are completely different), there’s just something foreign and intriguing about the cultures that lures me, speaking of which, I should really brush up on my arabic, I barely remember the alphabets now, it’s been awhile since college.

This last wedding I attended was the wedding of a close family friend Shane’s wedding to her lucky groom Rahul. Here are some behind the scenes shots I took over the course of the three days in Phuket, Thailand.

This post is dedicated to you Shaney.

With love.

xoxo Mei Mei Song

Abbot Kinney Blvd

photo 2

I’ve been in LA for 3 days and I’m already prepared to ditch my entire suitcase and dress like a beach bum. Found these jeans by Carmar at the Abbot Kinney LF Store. It’s seriously the most comfortable brand I’ve ever worn. I haven’t worn flared jeans in years and I bought these and walked out the store wearing them.

Sweater from South Africa, Carmar jeans, Rainbow sandals

I can’t get enough of Venice Beach:

photo 3

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

xx Jing

New Zealand’s Incredible South Island

new zealand wanaka

I attended a friends wedding recently in New Zealand, somewhere I have to admit was not on my priority travel list, but as I was researching South Island, I discovered how foolish I was to overlook such a gem. I’m not kidding, rolling hills, fresh crisp air, wildlife, fantastic food, amazing people, vineyards, oysters, lodges, i could go on forever, I love it so much I started planning my next trip there on the plane back.

The next few post is a brief photo diary of my trip, I hope through my photos you will love New Zealand as much as I did.

xoxo Mei Mei Song

Africa Photo Diary Part 1

(Excuse the quality, these are my iPhone photos)


photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4bphoto 5

1. The tiny plane that took us from Johannesburg to the Ulusaba game reserve.

2. The Ulusaba “airport”.

3. I found this on my bed. Where can you still find handwritten notes nowadays?? The hospitality at Ulusaba was seriously beyond amazing.

4. For my first meal I ordered a Kudu burger, thinking Kudu was just a cute name they gave their burger. Only later during our game drive did I realize I ate an antelope.

5. The vehicle our ranger liked to call “Ferrari Safari”.

6. The most memorable part of my trip (and possibly life): we had been dying to see male lions and after tracing their tracks all morning we finally found 4 of them, walking straight at us. Such big beautiful animals, and we totally made eye contact.

photo 3 copyphoto 2 copy1et23

7. I thought he was going to attack us.

8. Impalas.

9. & 10. Our game drives started at 5:30am every morning. I don’t even remember the last time I saw the sun rise before this trip.

11. Open bar.

12. Looking for lion tracks. Kidding – more like hanging on for my life.

xoxo Jing Leung